Army Camouflage Fight Gloves

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Army Camouflage Fight Gloves

These Fight Gloves are ACU pattern fight gloves with open-palm and open-thumb design. These gloves are designed in the style of Mixed Martial Arts competition gloves. They are designed to provide the fighter with a light and versatile feel while providing great protection.

They feature a full velcro wrist strap and an inner velcro band for a snug fit. The genuine leather body covers a durable padding on the contact areas. These gloves also feature finger loops that fit comfortably and secure the glove from sliding.

These gloves are optimal for grappling and striking in both training and competition.


Available in Regular (155 lbs. and lighter), Large (155 lbs.–195 lbs.), XL (195 lbs.–235 lbs.) and 2XL (heavier than 235 lbs.)