HIGH GEAR™ Impact Reduction suit

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HIGH GEAR™ Impact Reduction suit

HIGH GEAR™ Will Change How You Prepare For Violence... GUARANTEED

HIGH GEAR™ will improve the confidence & effectiveness of police officers & soldiers during training related to extreme close quarter experiences such as arrest & control and prisoner handling as well as any scenario related to jail, SWAT, protective services or confrontations where close contact and the risk of resistance is elevated.


• HIGH GEAR™ will enhance personnel performance and reduce the risk of contact training by allowing officers & soldiers to practice close combat skills and combative tactics in more realistic environments and at more realistic speeds.

• Unlike other protective equipment, HIGH GEAR™ does not inhibit the user from full range of motion with weapons gear or empty hand techniques. When utilized by role-players & OPFOR, the HIGH GEAR™ user will be able to safely and intelligently replicate the actions of a true opponent.

• HIGH GEAR™ can be effectively used during any and all physical force-on-force training, such as grappling, marking cartridge drills, room clearing and prisoner handling.

• HIGH GEAR™ is unique in that it is constructed of "Smart Foams", which are engineered to dissipate impact while still transmitting force to the wearer. This allows the user to experience realistic biofeedback. Its ergonomic design is based on specific combative movements.

• HIGH GEAR™ is the only training suit that allows your role players and participants to move with near natural speed and movement, as if they weren't wearing any gear. this allows you to replicate the stresses of real life confrontations as safely and scientifically as possible.

The most advanced training groups around the world use HIGH GEAR™

The HIGH GEAR™ Impact Reduction suit is state-of-the-art, force-on-force, scenario equipment designed to help create the most realistic training experience. Custom athletic design ensures snug fit for maximum range of motion and protection. The complete suit contains 8 components. HIGH GEAR™ is perfect for all aspects of combatives, like detainee handling drills & CQB, to more conventional training like MMA, grappling and the striking arts.

• State-of-the-art design with integrated foams to protect the chin, jaw, cheekbone and eye-socket.
• Full Plexi-Glass shield rests on a 100% leather encased, molded 1/4” HMWPE plastic frame with four adjustable straps

• Form-fitting, contoured plastic and padding ergonomically rest against the windpipe & throat.
• Offers additional protection from accidental strikes to the throat.

Torso protector
• Unprecedented mobility unavailable in any other chest guard on the market.
• Wrap around protection for the critical floating rib and solar plexus region.
• Unique foam and plastic trauma plate inserts protect the brachial tie-in, shoulder, clavicle and spinal regions.

Combat Gloves
• 100% leather, open palm design for excellent sensitivity for weapons and transition to detainee handling.
• Plastic trauma plates protect the metacarpals and thumb from shock damage during training.


• Innovative design provides extended protection to the ulna, forearm, elbow and triceps region.
• Designed for delivering forearms & elbows during CQC, crowd penetration or ground and pound.


• Lightweight, one-piece design with heavy duty lycra covering offers flexible protection for the complete upper thigh, hip and tailbone.
• Internal padding and trauma plates allow


• Wrap-around design protects the calf and knee cap.
• Additional cushioning for the MCL and LCL ligaments.
• Lightweight, tight-fitting with plastic trauma shields to protect the shin bone and top of the foot.

• Additional padding for knee and shin kicks to the nerve clusters above the knee.
• Fills the gap between the top of the shin pads and the bottom of the combat shorts.









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