Fuji All Around Adult BJJ Gi

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Fuji All Around Adult BJJ Gi


The FUJI All Around BJJ Gi is perfect for training or competition and is being used in academies worldwide. Part of the FUJI Victory line this gi features the FUJI Sports logo on the back center and left sleeve. 

  • Mid-weight
  • Durable jacket and pants
  • Stiff, thick collar
  • Special reinforcements
  • FUJI Premium Cotton Blend
  • Free sew-on patches

Here's what Meerkatsu has to say about the Fuji All Around BJJ Gi:


"I'm seriously impressed with the Fuji All Around gi. At this price range  I would expect cost-cutting and inferior materials. The opposite  appears to be true. It is made to very high standards, fits great, feels  comfy to roll in and the great price makes this an absolute bargain in  my opinion. At the end of the day, the All Around gi is a fantastic everyday  training gi for beginner and pro alike."